Ceiling Pot Hangers- The Essentials for a Well-furnished, Yet Comfortable Kitchen

They say “A House is built with bricks and beams and a home is made of love and dreams.” How true is that quote! It doesn’t feel like home unless we let our imagination and customize the interiors for our needs. May it be a living room or a kitchen or a bedroom, it must be well-furnished and well-equipped. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to spend a lot of money on buying furniture and hiring an interior designer. Investing on the furnishing essentials is the key factor to one’s dream home.

Equipping the home with stuff that make our lives easier, plays a pivotal role here, however, space is a limiting factor in home furnishing. Along with the basic essentials like a sofa, coffee table, dining table, bookcase, wardrobe, armchair and bed there are certain key aspects specific to each room like planters. It is important to invest in pieces that make a home feel bigger. In the case of a kitchen, one should cleverly invest on cutlery, cupboards, holders and others to minimize the space consumed, thus making it seem comfortable.

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Ceiling Pot hangers or racks are one of the most popular and best-suited furnishing essentials that help the kitchen look spacious and comfortable. These are certainly one of the creative and easiest ways to accomplish a stylish and elegant kitchen setup.These functional pieces of kitchen furnishing are very useful in hanging pots and pans. These are available in varied sizes and shapes, to fit one’s needs. The ceiling pot hangers usually come with chains or hooks, making it easier to hang pots and pans directly. They save storage space and also render an aesthetic touch to the whole setup of the kitchen.

Placing of these hangers is also based on one’s needs and creativity. The most common practices to place these hangers are over the sink, near the window, outlining of kitchen, above the island etc. It is important to take into consideration of the person’s reaching height and also the factors like height of the ceiling and the height of the pot rack with the hooks, while setting up the pot hangers. Available in varying shapes like rectangular, round or oval, these ceiling pot hangers are generally made up of steel, wood or wrought iron. The pot hangers also have some type of finish or staining to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen.

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The ceiling pot hangers allow adding a bunch of pendant lights, thus augmenting the setup of the kitchen along with the ceiling lights. Few hangers also offer a provision to light candles atop to add a charming glow to the room. It is possible to choose a color palette and work with the colors to render a great mood to the kitchen. The creative minds can also go for several Do It Yourself ideas to enhance the elegance of the setup of these hangers.These hanging pot racks not only render a great look to the kitchen but also are the effective solution to the popular kitchen corollary that states- the specific pan we require is always the one at the very bottom of the stack.

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