Flower Pots Balcony Railings

Flower Pots for Balcony Railings: The Various Aspects to Consider

Due to space constraints in the city buildings, gardeners have less space for pursuing their gardening activities. Nevertheless, they have the option of placing flower pots in their balcony railings. By doing so, you can save on floor space. The flower pots can be hung over balconies or be supported firmly by brackets. For growing bigger-sized plants, more soil is needed and you can place the flower pots on the balcony railings, which offer sturdy support and can bear more weight.

Placing flower pots on your balcony railings serves as an ideal way of decorating the personal spaces as well. After a tiring day at work, you can sit and relax in your home balcony and enjoy the sweet scent that emanates from the flowers. However, there are is a wide variety in flower pots to choose from and you may find it useful to consider some vital aspects for making the right choice.


There is a wide assortment of materials that you can choose from when shopping around for flower pots. You have a choice in materials such as ceramic, clay, wood, plastic, terracotta, and metal.  If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, the plastic varieties would suit your purpose suitably. Wood is preferred for adding a dash of elegance to your balcony.

Hanging planters are, usually, composed of lightweight materials such as metal and plastic. On the other hand, flower pots that are made of clay and terracotta are heavy and they weigh heavier because of the soil and plant weight; they can be placed on the balcony railings.


You can avail flower pots in square or round shapes. Also, they are available in a wide choice of colors. As per your preferences, you can make your selection. Vegetables and flowers can be grown in them. In vegetables, you can grow tomatoes, chilis, capsicums, and cherries. Where flowers are concerned, you have a choice to grow marigold, petunia, and vinca.

Detachable Hooks

The flower pots for balcony railings that are equipped with detachable hooks make for a good choice because they can be positioned on the railings as well as atop tables. Also, you should check whether the hooks can be adjusted according to different lengths; if yes, you can fix the flower pots on rounded as well as square-shaped balcony railings.

Finishing Touches

You should choose flower pots that are comprised of galvanized metals and also, given powder coated paint finish. As a result, they can be considered resistant to sunlight and rust.


The lightweight flower pots that weigh around 1 kilogram are highly portable and can easily be carried from one room to another. Also, they can hold 5-6 kg of potting mix due to which they are considered suitable for growing varied types of plants. Therefore, the weight of the flower pots constitutes an important consideration as well.

Drainage Holes

Another important aspect that requires consideration when shopping for flower pots to place in your balcony railings is whether the décor items are fitted with drainage holes for the excess water to ooze out and prevent the plant from becoming rotten due to excess moisture.


The planters should rate high in the durability factor as well. Flower pots that can last up to 10 years should be your pick if you want your money’s worth.

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