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What are Self Watering Planters?

The drastic changes in the climatic conditions that people are experiencing around the world are indicative of the ill effects that pollution and global warming have caused over the years. Conservation of plant life and planting new trees has become more important than it has ever been. People are now becoming very conscious about their duty towards the preservation of the environment and taking up an active role in playing their part.

People are starting at a basic level by growing plants in their own houses and encouraging others to follow their lead too. However, the busy work schedules of modern day living leave people with very little time to work towards this noble cause. To deal with the lack of time, companies that deal in gardening equipment and home décor have designed new and innovative gardening equipment.

These new equipment are capable of providing favorable conditions for the growth of the plants without the need of attention by individuals.

What is a Self Watering Planter?

A self-watering planter is one of the many new gardening equipment that has been designed keeping in mind the individual’s lack of time to maintain a garden all by themselves.

It primarily consists of an outer and an inner pot, the outer pot contains water while the inner pot contains the plant with the soil. There is a wick that connects the two pots and supplies water to the pant, whenever necessary; from the outer pot that acts as a reservoir.

Other Uses of Self Watering Planters

Self-watering planters are also used to supply liquid nutrients to the plants. The main objective of this equipment is to provide the plant with the water or nutrients that it needs for a few days without having to supply water and other substances manually.

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What are self-watering planters?
Article Name
What are self-watering planters?
A self-watering planter is one of the many new gardening equipment that has been designed keeping in mind the individual’s lack of time to maintain a garden all by themselves.

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