The Top 10 Office Plants and Its Importance

An office without plants is something more artificial and stuffy. By adding greenery to the workspace can make it much more appealing. And office plants are the best choice that will completely focus on providing the eco-friendly environment. Surprisingly, one plant can remove 87% of toxins, thereby giving fresh oxygen. Similarly, the plants create a healthy office atmosphere with a natural look.

Air Filter

The name itself implies that it purifies the air in the office. In fact, the indoor air is 12 times much polluted than outdoor air. So an air filter plant can easily fix the problem.


An amazing office plant that raises the humidity of the room. It is scientifically proved that the humidifier is beneficial for the skin. The plant is also an excellent medicine that reduces cold and flu symptoms.

Rubber Tree Plant

They are the most unique, attractive and glossy leafed plants which do not require special care or maintenance. Rubber tea plants can also act as air purifiers improving the indoor air quality.

Productive Booster

The plant will ultimately boost the productivity and at the same time increases the employee’s satisfaction. It not only brings rich shades of green to the office but also has medicinal advantages.

Health Promoter

As already said the indoor air is completely polluted the health promoter plants increases the quality of the air. Engaging indoor plants like health promoter has the significant positive impact on psychological health conditions.

Peace Lily

The beautiful blooming peace lilies can make a significant statement in the office. They do not require much maintenance and can grow even in low light conditions. Peace lilies also purified air and are the best range of indoor plants.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plant is an ideal choice to brighten the office atmosphere. It not only acts as an air purifier but also serves as a first aid kit. And the juice can also be used as a moisturizer which has natural healing properties. It can be easily placed anywhere in the office that really creates refreshed atmosphere.

Bamboo Palm

If the office has plenty of space and bamboo palms are the best. They definitely add greenery to the surroundings as the plant itself looks greenish. Additionally, they do not require much water so they can be grown very easily. A single bamboo Palm plant can literally Change the atmosphere of the office.

Corn Plant

It is one of the best-suited plants in office conditions which also removes toxic air pollutants. There are different varieties of corn plants available among with namesake is most preferred one. The plant does not require much attention yet grabs everyone’s attention.

Parlour Palm

As it is a low-cost plant it has become one of the most favorite office plants. Parlour palm is an ideal choice where lightning and space is always a big problem. It has also gained near instant following for many reasons. With an attractive look, it gives comfortable our surroundings.

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